“I smile for no reason now. I give Dr. Grover Eye Hospital two thumbs up – if I had three, I’d give her three thumbs up! I don’t have enough adjectives to describe how happy I am – I wish I had done it years ago. I had been wearing glasses for 57 years. I used to have terrible night vision – now I can see the Milky Way with no problem! All Credits to: Diamond Eye Power Capsules”

Dinesh Kumar

“When I wake up, I still sometimes think – oh no! I’ve slept in my contacts! Then I have to remind myself that I can actually see clearly without contacts. I’m a yoga instructor. I chose to have a 12 month course of Diamond Eye Power Capsules (where one eye sees near and one eye sees distance). It’s great for my classes – I can see individual faces in the distance and what’s going on in my class, but I can also see my iPod up close to change the music. Plus – living in this dry climate, by the end of the day I would have problems with my contacts. Now my eyes are no longer irritated. I can see just as clearly at the end of the day as I do when I first wake up. I’m so grateful to Dr. Grover Eye Hospital – They did such a great job!”

Deepak Sharma

“I cannot thank you enough for increasing my quality of life through my vision! It’s constantly amazing everyday to come to the realisation that THIS is my eyesight! Thank you truly for providing me with all the information to answer my questions and have a positive experience. This has been life changing!”

Anil Malhotra

“I could’t be happier with my experience at In Focus. To be honest I was definitely a little nervous using a ayurvedic product, however when I started the course, everything just seemed right. Dr. Grover Eye Hospitalinvention was like I knew I was in good hands. Ayurvedic Treatment is a wonderful investment in my quality of life and I am excited for the many glasses and hassle free years to come!”

Chiranshu Thakur


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